Bruce Buege


Urban Daydreams
Saturdays 8am & 8pm Soulful Jazz
Mondays 10am & 10pm Soulful Jazz

In my daytime life I’m a classically trained Chef who runs the kitchen at a 1050 bed prison/detention facility in my hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. But I have always loved music, especially jazz.

I’ve been a follower of Contemporary Jazz for over 40 years, almost the same amount of time since I started playing I was a radio DJ in my parents living room with their old record player and my 45s. In 2015 I started sharing shows I had made on Mixcloud calling my page Bruce’s Smooth Jazz Kitchen. The first ones were Smooth Jazz that had an intimacy to them; the kind of music you and your favorite person shared alone. I called them “Night Sessions”.

As time went on I added a Brazilian music series called “Arpoador Sunsets” and a more upbeat series called “Urban Daydreams”. Other special shows have also been produced and aired, but C-Jazz was always the highlight to everything I presented.

Now I’m bringing a new version of “Urban Daydreams” to Soulful Jazz on The Jazz UK. Join me as we spend each week listening to the finest of new, old and sometimes rarely heard Contemporary Jazz by your favorite artists as well as sharing music from some you have yet to become acquainted with. And along the way we’ll also get to hear some of the best vocalists to grace any airwaves.

I guess you could say I’m finally living a childhood dream of being on the radio. But now I’m cooking my mixes for fun and sharing them with you my friends. Please have a taste and enjoy.