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Support The Jazz UK

You can donate funds and receive promotional items as a one off payment or donate a small regular amount each month

Soon your will be able to buy promotional items – costs includes products; shipping (UK only shipping costs) & a portion of money goes to fund the DAB plans

See our SHOP page. These items will be available soon


Or Can you donate from just £1/£2/£5 per month (approx $1.2/$2.50/$6 per month)

Although Radio is a “free” medium to the public – its not without cost

Independent Radio only survives via advertising

BBC Radio is funded via the Licence fee

As we are only an online station – we are limited to how much advertising we attract

Plus we are broadcasting to a smaller dedicated audience

Can you support us? The Jazz UK is operated by a team of volunteers – providing their services, whether thats producing shows or going to events or ensuring that new music is loaded to play out etc.

Our estimated costs for operating (legally & professionally) purely online amount to approximately £3000 per annum:

  1. Music Royalties (PRS/PPL) £1500 (£500 per stream)
  2. Streaming Costs £180
  3. Social Media Marketing £72
  4. Broadband Phone Line £306
  5. Computer Broadcast Software £960

This will help as we endeavour to be on small scale DAB around the UK perhaps during 2017 or 2018

Costs for operating on DAB networks add to the costs considerably

To find out more about The Jazz UK – Listen to Mike Howard in conversation with Ian Starling as broadcast 7th May 17  – Soundcloud Interview

Donation Options

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