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Roan Kearsey-Lawson

One of the UK’s top percussionists.  Roan has been a professional performer for 22 years (2016) in most music genres.  He has performed in the UK and Abroad at many prestigious venues, festivals and for many exclusive clients, from the Albert Hall to the BBC


RKL has performed live on BBC1 TV and live on BBC Radio.  He has been a musical director for a BBCTV Children in Need Event.  He has invented and developed a new, world’s first technique on his instrument (to see him explain and demonstrate his new technique visit youtube).

He is regarded as one of the finest percussion players in the industry having performed with over 100 great jazz artists, including Scott Hamilton &Darius Brubeck from the USA and Digby FairweatherDon Rendell from the UK to name only a few (See Performed with… for more detail).

His performances are always 100% packed with energy, with visually stunning fast performances and on slow numbers mesmerising intrigue, drawing every listener in and he is an experienced performer particularly in concert settings with a great dry sense of humour on the microphone.

Roan even has a royal ancestry, and 3 University Degrees!  RKL is also a great Session recording musician having written and recorded recently in the Pop Industry (for a band selling mainly in the USA) and recording for a blues band in Sweden.

As a composer he has been commissioned to write a string quartet for a pop band, he is also working on a classical suite

OFFICIAL WEBSITE : Roan Kearsey-Lawson

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