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Peter Slavid The Jazz UK

February 2018 Show Playlist:

Henry Lowther’s Still Waters – Can’t believe Won’t Believe (Village Life)


Gunter Hempel – Bounce (Challenge Records)


Periscopes+1 – Legacy (Auand)


Julian Siegel – Vista (Whirlwind)


Anton Hunter – Article Xl (EFPI)


Greg Cordez – Last Things Last (self)


Snowpoet  – Thought You Knew (Edition)


Cloudmakers – Travelling Pulse (Whirlwind)


Hoarse – Happy Camper (Yolk)



Cholet/Darche/Ruegg – Le Tombeau de Poulenc (Yolk)


Peuker8 – Influx (Whyplayjazz)


Yuri Honing – Goldbrun (Challenge)


Trio Galactus- Trio Galactus (Improvvisatore Involontario) – 2 tracks


Sergej Avanesov – Secret Language (NC Music)


Snowpoet (see above)


Joachim Kuhn New Trio – Love & Peace (ACT)


Paier Valcic Quartet – Cinema Scenes (ACT)


MOPO – Mopocalypse – WeJazz Records – 2 tracks


Julian Siegel (see above)


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