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Gazelle was captivated by jazz from an early age. She sang and played piano throughout school and on discovering a love for Nina Simone, picked up the clarinet and composed her first song ‘Jazzy Chocolate’. Whilst studying chemistry on a university exchange year in Versailles, Gazelle found herself unhappy and longing for the creativity she left behind in her youth. This encouraged her to drop out and move into an underground art commune in Paris, working as an Au Pair in the daytime and singing in a band with her housemates at night. Here she quickly taught herself guitar and ignited a love for the seminal electronic rhythms of Jamie Woon and influential beats of Robert Glasper.

Speaking of that time Gazelle says ‘When living in Paris we had to pretend to be art students so that the commune appeared to be official. Most nights we would drink red wine and jam in the basement, the landlord used to use youtube videos of our music to try invite new tenants to sign up.’

On her return to the UK Gazelle started writing her own songs on the guitar and performed regularly in Liverpool Bars, developing her unique vocal sound. She is mainly inspired by singers like Etta James, Melody Gardot, Lauryn Hill, and India Arie but also recent artists like Gregory Porter and Emily King. First track ‘Never gonna give up’ is about undisclosed attraction for a friend and the frustrations when out partying.

The emotional narrative of the song floats above a minimal relaxed groove with a developing urgency and harmonic build towards the end. Falling in-between the smooth delivery of a Norah Jones or Erykah Badu, ‘Never gonna give up’ drops a live Soul Jazz band into a contemporary electronic sonic

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