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Chris EJay

Chris EJay

Chris EJay

It all started way back in 1975, the youth club years, where i’d help out a mate of mine who spinned the choons.
One event he had to go home for something, asked me ‘can you look after the decks’?, I said sure!!

I put on spanish hustle by the fatback band and the whole youth club erupted, wall to wall dancing!, I thought, ‘yeah i like this!’ and
the rest as they say is history, never looked back since.

I have worked abroad for AFRS (american forces radio station) with the legendary Kasey Kasam who taught me a lot.

I then came back to the UK in the mid 80’s & worked for various pirate stations or shall we say ‘independent free’.

Had the privilege to work with the veteran jock ‘Mike howard’ with his Saturday shows. Tony Monson liked the way we did the ZOO thing on his show and offered me a breakfast show spot and i took it, was there for 6 years, great times, tiring but great. my passion is jazz, soul and funk , from the roots, i dig deep. if you expect feel
good factor rhythms i’m the man for the job!. LOL.

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