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Niogi is an Israeli  instrumental band.  They come from different directions: Guy Shkolnik had at some point to go deeper into the classical masters, and ended up with a PhD on the music of Bach. Omri Abramov comes as a rising force from the vibrant Israeli jazz scene, and long-time working with international songwriter Idan Raichel. They met in 2011. Shared tastes and vision, instant musical chemistry… they decided to start a band.

 In 2013 they released a 6 track EP on Soundcloud and two years later travelled to Oslo to work with legendary sound engineer J.E Kongshaug on the album “LANDING” (Alessa Records). In 2016 they  started touring Europe extensively, playing at numerous jazz clubs and festivals and sharing our music with the people. They also at played at Bohemia Jazzfest in Czech Republic, and Vilnius Mama Jazz festival in Lithuania and then at Ingolstädter Jazztage, Germany (2013, 2015) and Israel festival (2014).​

The band are fascinated by storytelling melodies. The sound is made of multiple layered instruments, resulting in truly new original sounds.  They say  it’s about playing live. As much as they respect computers nothing beats the sensibilities of human playing. Whichever new instrument they’re interested in, they will always try to “de-computerised” them into its setup.

It’s  about keeping it breathing and organic, it’s about playing from the soul.

Edited from Niogi own website – Niogi

Listen out for them on The RedTrain Express – our 21st century jazz stream