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Cole Tidus

Cole Tidus is a producer and audio engineer that resides in the Los Angeles, CA area. Cole Tidus is fusion producer who dabbles in the genres of Hip-Hop, Jazz, Funk, Soul, R&B, House, Future Bass, and many other electronic spectrums. Cole Tidus was born in Rail Road Flat, CA. A small town with a population of 300 people in Northern California. During childhood, Cole Tidus moved to Marina Del Rey/Culver City LA when his mom divorced his dad. Here he grew and found inspiration from his dancing family. His brother Jesse Macpherson lead his own dance company and was an international renowned choreographer, and his mom Michelle Savage did ballet at Juilliard’s. His mom and brother were essential to Cole Tidus’s ear for music. His mom constantly played soulful musicians like D’Angelo and Stevie Wonder, while his brother showed him to the likes of Justin Timberlake and other similar artists.

In his older years, Cole Tidus moved out of his mom’s house at the age of 17 to attend college and live on his own. While on his own, Cole Tidus found his passion in producing music with his peers at college and experiencing Hip-Hop shows at an older age. At 18 years old Cole Tidus started his career in music by collaborating with his friend Jonah “Stray Louis” Rudich from high school. It was a rough learning curve, but after many great experiences like recording with The D.O.C. from the NWA. Cole Tidus found gigs with Warren G, Problem, Famous Dex, Playboi Carti, Rich the Kid, and many others. Cole Tidus did most of his DJ performances at clubs with rapper Kollege Kado of Moorpark and The Five; while doing production performances at house shows with Saxophone player Christopher Wing, and singer Lucy Bomba from Santa Barbara.

After gaining some traction from his performances and collaborations, he took it up as a major in college and decided to transfer to CLU for his BA in it. Now at CLU, Cole Tidus is still performing, collabing, and is now working on a summer project. His newest song “Strawberry Jam” with a rapper named Roemello made it onto a Jazz Hop Café mix. “Strawberry Jam” is also awaiting an animated music video which is going to be an exclusive on Jazz Hop Café. Cole Tidus also put together a small string of singles that were made on his Mid-West Tour. Those new songs are: “Trip in the Moment,” “wisc.blu.cheese,” and “Chicago Flight.” His singles for his upcoming project are also doing well after a year: “Sound[E]scape,” “Numb Myself,” and “Go Where?” “Numb Myself” with singer Lucy Bomba and Saxophone/Guitar player Christopher Wing also made it onto a Jazz Hop Café. Along with these, Cole Tidus is also working with Ahimsa to make an EP because “Wait & See” and “Too Many Drugs” did so well. The date for the Indian Summer project is still to be announced so stay tuned! Cole Tidus is also in works with great artists from CLU known as Divina Diller, the Electronic/Hip-Hop band No Suits, and the multi-talented artist Danny Dwyer.  Expect more great works from Cole Tidus as his project rounds the corner and the music video for “Strawberry Jam” gets released. His newest track with singer Hai and rapper Ahimsa called, “Outta Place” is also doing waves as it was released this week.